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Integrative Sports Medicine

Have you injured your muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, joint, or spine? Make informed choices. These soft tissue components can generally heal using Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique, or advanced manual therapy. Enjoy expert one-on-one care – Nerve entrapment syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, knee injuries, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder pain, whiplash injuries, TMJ, back pain, headaches, sport injuries, tennis elbow, sciatica, shin splints. Realize results – eliminate pain, improve range of motion, restore function, increase strength without the need for surgery. Optimize your health and wellbeing at ESPRIT WELLNESS.

  • Gold standard, advanced manual therapy techniques
  • Treat the source of your injury, sustain and prevent
  • Feel & perform better, smarter, stronger, and faster
  • Over the years I have used three other Chiropractors. I will 100% attest that his practice is worlds apart from traditional chiropractic experience. If you are seeking another level, a spa and zen-like approach to holistic health with a sports massage focus - you found it right here.

    R. SeidSports Medicine
  • I can honestly say that after one treatment involving massage, ART treatment, and a traditional chiropractic realignment, my pain was reduced by 90%. The next morning I could tie my shoes nearly pain free for the first time in months. It really was miraculous. After that, my treatment regimen has reduced my pain further to the point that it is nearly entirely gone. Dr. Sid's treatment is unique. The combination of phenomenal massages from Ade, or the two Marks, exercises involving hip rotation and movement, stretching exercises, ART, acupuncture cups, and traditional chiropractic alignment is something you won't find anywhere else.

    Name Kept PrivateSports Medicine
  • I am so relieved that Dr. Sid has been able to correct years of accumulated damage and continue something I enjoy. Once again I'm able to lift weights and do other exercises like push-ups which used to hurt. Dr. Sid also made me aware of the causes for some other neck and back issues I was having and through his adjustments I'm feeling stronger and healthier overall. Dr. Sid is passionate about his practice and completely client focused. Also, the spa like environment feels like a treat to visit his office.

    RJ DeMarxSports Medicine

Holistic Multi-Disciplinary Treatment


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Sports Medicine is our specialty niche focused on the unique needs of the active individual. Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior or a serious young athlete, no two cases are the same.

Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and patient-centered approach makes all the difference.

Root Cause Assessment
& Evaluation of Injury

Identify and address movement compensation patterns and postural mis-alignment.

Benefit: Gets to the root of the problem.

Discipline: Physical Therapy, Chiropractic

Gold Standard
Soft Tissue

Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Advanced Manual Therapy, PNF Stretching, Therapeutic Exercises, Sports Massage.

Benefit: Break-up scar tissue, improve range of motion, and restore function

Discipline: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Sports Massage

Active Release Technique NYC
GRASTON technique NYC
Integral Treatment

Multi – disciplinary, non-surgical, non-toxic treatment for the whole of you.

Benefit: Support the body’s natural ability to heal, restore and sustain, naturally.

Discipline: Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Acupuncture

Health Coaching

Get matched with professionals from our leading fitness & wellness network.

Benefit: Facilitates a safe return to sport, activity, and play & prevents future injury. Nourish body + mind, fuel your active lifestyle, promote optimal performance

Discipline: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Modern, SPA – like, environment designed to appeal to your senses and enhance your overall healing experience

ESPRIT WELLNESS features 2,000 square feet of space and 12 ft ceilings.

ESPRIT WELLNESS features our unique concept of an open adjustment area (1000 square feet),

an X-ray room, four therapeutic rooms, a spinal rehab area, equipped with iPads, WiFi, and media access at every treatment station, a physical therapy rehab area, an acupressure massage chair area, and a report room.

As you de-stress with a cup of our organic green tea or de-tox with our fresh lemon water,

notice the creative art work and coloring on the walls and ceilings. The artwork and color blends contribute to the overall serenity and power of our environment.

Inhale the diffused lavender oil permeating through the walls of ESPRIT WELLNESS

Exhale – You are in very good, caring, expert hands.


Treating the source of your injury, feeling and performing better, smarter, stronger, and faster.


Visit us and experience the well-trained hands of chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, & massage healing.

Speak personally to Dr. Sid

regarding your health concerns and goals.

If it appears that you may benefit from our Sports Medicine services,

we will be happy to schedule you a complimentary consultation.


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