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Green Juice: Your NYC Chiropractor’s Recipe

Green Juice: Your NYC Chiropractor’s Recipe

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Happy Sunday and Happy Birthday Dr. Sid!

We are honoring Dr. Sid, your NYC Chiropractor, at home this happy Sunday. Help us get loud and wish him…

Green Juice NOW

Champagne Later!

Below our gift to you. IMG_7545 Our very own Green Juice Concoction:

Dr. Sid, your NYC chiropractor, purchased the following organic greens from our friends at Fresh Direct.  Your NYC Chiropractor’s cart included:

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative Local Organic Green Kale – (1lb)

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative Local Organic Green Kale – (1lb)

Local Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard – (1lb) Organic Celery, Medium – (Organic, Med) Organic Cilantro – 1/4 of a bunch Organic Fennel – 1lb Organic Ginger Root – (a little: about the size of my thumb)

Organic Green Cucumber, Medium

Organic Spinach

Organic 3 cloves of garlic

Organic LIME (3 of them)

LOTS of LOVE, & Happy Well Wishes

With our Norwalk juicer we first grind then cold-press our greens.  We then enjoy the enzyme filled, live, raw, and organic green juice.  YUM. And, so very healthy for you. We hope you build your immense system as do.  Tell us what you think below. FullSizeRender To your health! Marlene Oliva Your NYC’s Chiropractor’s wife & Director at Esprit Wellness

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