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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Available at the Esprit Wellness Chiropractor & Physical Therapy Center.





iDR-L is another innovation form iCRco. This DR is another first in digital imaging and it completely revolutionizes how long bone imaging is done. It also eliminates the need for image stitching software which requires more exposures to the patient. Long bone iDR encapsulates a 14 ” x 51 ” plate which creates a full spine image in one exposure.

There is no need for multiple exposures, making the iDR Long Bone an ideal low-dose solution for applications such as scoliosis evaluation in the pediatric segment.  The proprietary algorithm eliminates the need for image stitching software, creating a full-spine image in one exposure without having to take three separate x-rays.  Low-dose, high-efficiency versatility makes the iDR Long Bone second to none in the digital x-ray market today.


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